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What is Family Time?

Family Time is The Canopy’s Children’s Contact Service that provides support for children and their families during separation matters. Family Time is a program that helps parents and children strengthen their relationships and connect better when there is a family separation or breakdown.



What does Family Time Offer?


  • Supervised Visitation
    Supervised Contacts are visits between children, parents and family members which are monitored and recorded. Supervised Contacts allow children to connect with family members in a safe environment, that is supportive and therapeutic. The contact staff are highly trained professionals who ensure the safety, well-being and needs of the child are the top priority.


  • Changeover & Changeback
    Family Time can facilitate the exchange of children between one living space to another. This usually happens, when families have shared parenting responsibilities and may not have the ability to drop children to another home. Staff at Family Time have the capacity to facilitate the movement of children between various living arrangements in a safe and non-confronting environment.


  • Parenting Groups
    Family Time also offers various groups for the parents and children to assist in strengthening relationships, and help with building new parenting skills. This is completed in a supervised group format or as a separate group. The Canopy offers a variety of groups including, Circle of Security, Triple P and 123 Magic but also offer other groups to cater to specific needs.


  • Information and Referral
    Family separation and divorce can be a confusing and distressing time for adults and children. Family Time operates in collaboration and partnership with a variety of services to support families in navigating separation and parenting concerns. Family Time can offer information and referral to clients but also accepts referrals from other services.



Family Time provides a safe, enjoyable and comfortable environment for children and parents to explore their relationship and strengthen attachments. Family Time minimises the child’s exposure to conflict and tension. Family Time provides a space for parents to learn how to emotionally support the child’s psychological development and needs.
Family Time also provides supports for parents around the transition of change within a family by focusing on the needs of the child and drawing on existing strengths. The space allows parents to feel supported and safe to explore their relationships with their children and provide skills to assist with family change.




Family Time also takes a collaborative approach to working with families and works in conjunction with other professionals to gain positive outcomes for a family. Family Time has been designed to implement a capacity building and strengths-based approach with the safety and voice of the child at the forefront of decision-making and service delivery. Family Time is unique in that services are tailored based on the needs and strengths of the family to empower individuals and facilitate positive change during separation difficulties.


Family Time is a fee for service program. If you would like a copy of our fees, please contact our office directly for more information.


For more information, to make a booking or to make a referral, please contact our office at Edgeworth on 02 4954 5277
Alternatively, you can send an enquiry to with your name and contact details.


Click here to see the Family Time Brochure.

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